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Mah.D Army -Las The Ice Dragon Tries To Think

To Guide in Hope of being Guided

10 January
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Wawawewa!, where to begin? I was born In England, Live in Canada, Want to teach High School, Like to eat milk rice...I am from a Sri Lankan Heritage and I like to drink Bicardi Breezers and Baja Rosa. I live in Edmonton where I've spent most of my life and currently
study education at the University of Alberta.

I answer questions...make stupid comments...I am deep in the way that I think everything is a joke...And so I think Humour
is a powerful weapon...Ask Me about My NDP plan...It is somewhat liberal and mostly crazy...LalalaLiberals...LalalaLas!

Most people cal me Las because I have a habit of hating to repronounce my real name and a habit of doing it often...Laz...Lass

Whatever...I hope you don't take me too seriously...But if you do...I can sign autographs for a price...25 cents sounds good