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You Never Let Me Down...

I Have Been Down...

But you have always brought my up...

It's Sad that I put myself Down...
But Every time I go Down to Hell...
I know I will enter the gates of Heaven...
Cuz You will never let me fall...
And so I have fallen in love with this world

Only my Brother is First...My Blood My Hope...
How I think you are perfect...My Jesus...
And then The Christopher Field...
Honestly you are my Brother too
My Father, My Mom who loves even harder in sadness

To Kimberly Lynn Cuyle
The first woman other than my Mom to say:
"I Love You"
Eternal Love

If you think the order matters... think not that way...
cuz my mind lets me down
and more importantly...If you are not here I think
you deserve to be...
becuz my mind let's me down....
because I've lost many of you
and it brings me to tears
Becuz I've let you...

Ranuka Witharana, Sandunie Witharana, Manjula Witharana,
Wimala Witharana, Ranjana Witharana, Yassus Witharana, Sathika Witharana
Sumana Witharana, Kanthi Witharana
Anura Witharana, Dilupa Witharan, Gihan Witharana, Tharindu Witharana
To the essential first..Builders of the faith:

Janatha Withanachi, Samudra Withanachi, Curtis Klein,
Derek Klein, Alan Chong,  Kanchana and your sisters,
Michelle Chong, Derren Gonek, Miranda Chong

To the lankans..Who have been so loyal
You are all on the list:
One Nation, One People

Dak Perera, Duane Perera, Ranjeevah and Aranya Hewapathene,
Sumudu and Miyuru Fernando, Mihiri and Sawanee, Nisansala,
and Gayanee(Nisa), Danushka, Dinu (Dinushka Karunarathna)
Maneshka Eliatamby, Udeshika and your Sister, Janek, Suranga,
Thilinie and Nipunie Rajapaksha, Sean and Andrea Samarasinghe,
Renuka  Fernando, Suranjith Virunjith Nirunjith,  Alex Fernando
Mary Ann and Jackie Usuguruge, Janneke Peters, Maduwanthini,

to Dharuni...I have not forgotten...I will prove my loyalty

To Those Of OSA...The Best School in The World....
Where I first thought of ruling the world...
It was like seeing a miricle...
It was the discovery of infinate possibility
For here I decided that I will try to lead...
Because everyone else was doing it:

Abreviated list:  Cuz my mind is weak

Kevin Mah, Alex Jacobs, Ann Than Throng, Percy Chua,
Sam and Andy Prochazka, Mike Chae, Phillip Kim,
Hannah Seo, Mike Gupta, Cathy Singh, Kathy Wong,
Aly Abbas, Andrea Thompson, Amy Sutley, Shafiq Kara,
Aarthi Kassamali, Yousef Khatib, Natasha Sabur,
Jacob Rozmus, Ryan Sustrick, Sten Thompson, David Bui,
Aneela, Shabnum, Merk, Talib, Inian...the first of the great
men of Singapore, 

Special respects to Jennifer Gelinas...
I'm thinkin you have the talent..hope you see Earth...
from space
A Family of Integrity:
Arif Hassalani, Anita Hassalani , Farouq Hassalani,

Who were there before the fall:
Imran Ahmed and  Oliver Lieu

To those At Grant Mac...
who were my friends after the fall...
And gave me hope that I could once again...
make friends...

Jae...Man you are great...Sorry bout the stress man
Susan Nguyen - You are just so smart! so beautiful...thanx
Julia - Congrats on having such an awesome relationship...
You are still in my mind..I will contact you..sorry about the delay
And to Josh...Man of Faith...Man of Integrity, You are one hell
of a don't need a degree to prove it...
respects for gettin it...You always impressin...
Thanx for showing me a world i wasn't thinkin about...

Friends who were friends of friends who have become friends...
for life...

Mike Chong, Ivor, Alex Lau,
Jannifer -Your heart and smile stay forever in my mind
Tariq-A big man with a big heart
Daren-Andrea's Husband
Candice- Ryan's gf
Natalia-Jacob's gf

To International House and The Innaugral Class of 2004-2005:
Where I learnt that I couldn't hate anyone...not even a murderer
not a one...Why?
because we end up where we are...
because of where we started...
One World... One People

6th floor - I-house Penthouse!
I'm such a nuisance...I have to make some changes...
But I will...hopefully with your help

Siva Gopal Thaiyalan - Somehow you always had my heart from the start

Nick Graham - I see the talent, i like the attitude, man do you ever stop smilin?

Sara Abdelrehim - Strong heart, forever remeber Med Sci, and the nights...
I learned who you were

Lindsey McGee - Such a full life you have - and you have a...
band of brothers and sisters as friends...I hope you think me as one of them

Hugh Leonard - Respect to the Man who came from the East to Conquer the West!
Never apoligize for saying the truth...never...intelligence mixed with east coast

Saeed Kaviani - I know that people have called you genius before...
It is genius that discovers the truth...may you have so many more discoveries
Build the bridge...Oh so humble...But with may..
even one day discover what one day I dream of and so did he...
Unified Field Theory...One Force...The universe is not getting
more complicated to a physicist...And that is a beautiful thing

Saeid Mohammed- You ask so many questions that show you are
so wise...The true genius is the person who knows what questions
to ask at the right time..and you ask questions you already know the
answer to...that is a teacher

Jess Kelso - Jess you are such a friend...So in love with your nation
understanding it's faults but will definately be effective in positive change...
Nice! I like!  You like?

Ram Lee- So quiet to me...But so glad to know you...I think we will
get more aquainted quite soon

Meghan Waitt- Such honor you have...I know I have wronged...Reading
your e-mail was torture I assure you...And it hurts to know you hurt someone
else...I just wished I had your e-mail sooner..sorry

Brent Johnson - Man, we fight a battle of kindness my friend
Those are great battles to be in...May you always kill with...
 your most powerful weapon...

Lorraine Sova - Seriously thank God I came on friday to the
intercultural session...We're a good team!  I hope we will
cooperate in more endeavors

Spence Nichol - You are the most handsome man!  Wawawewa...
That black coat? nice...and you are so kind...
Thanx for helping others in need

Fatima Ghousia - The Master...The Guru...You have taught me so have such a knowledge of the faith...It is this knowledge
and seeking it out that makes you good...Teaching it to others makes
you great

Midori Sano - You are always smiling...and so cute! But remember
when I was walking down the hall and I was playing my "fight music"
on the headphones?  When I saw your frightened face in the kitchen I
was ashamed...Sorry...I just think you are so sweet..and your english..

Karen- I wish I saw more of you!

Uche - I like that you like to smile...You make it great to see you everyday
And it's great that you watch good shows regularily...

Chanchal K.Birdi - The Doctor...Oh and how so...I have told you all my
secrets...And yet I trust you so much...You must always
care about what you care until it hurts...You are the best doctor I know...

Espen Larsen - How is not possible to fall in love with care too..
I wish that you and Chanchal become soulmates...And live here in Edmonton
Free Medical service...and Best selling author/translator...nice
I like...You Like?  Nice

Geoffrey Mah - Another man of faith, I respect that so much...Even though
I stray..I know you will lead me back to the path...We'll try to meet Iggy
during the lockout...and I'm going to beat you at hockey just have
to let me practice 

Martine Vincent - I think it's impossible for anyone not to love you
So cheerful, so caring, Teaching must be such an ease for you...

Monica Hoy - The prodigy, The natural talent, may you be the best
but see need before money...And man you are one hell of prankster..
You are definately kickin Sara's ass...It's unthinkable that the orca
kidnappers won't leave a ransom note at least...

Mara Urdea- So amazing that you have found love...he is a good man...I wish
you luck together...But I like your plate...nice...Better than my junk.
Magali Mistiaen, Renee Tulk, Annie Han, Vaibhav Suri

Francesco, Sobe, Mehdi, Natsuko, Maurillo, Mohammed
Sherie, Lei Lei, Hafiz
Got an offer from  Paris St. Germain (the soccer club) and..
 he refused!

Understand this...Maybe it is only now that I have learnt what it is a friend...
For I was careless...
I was stress...
But even though the wind blew hard and cold....
the tree that grew from the seeds...
Never was there any doubt in my mind that...
The Tree would break

Sometimes Silence resolves a Conversation Confused by Mad Misconstruction
-Hugh Leonard

I hope that in our anger and madness that has left us in silence will one day
be broken with joyous laughter...Remember the good times...didn't we wish
that we could be friends for ever...Weren't we in complete admiration of each
other?  Were we not thinkin even of our friendship ending becuz it let us down?

You Never Let Me Down


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