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Had a good day, Went to a SAGA (Students Against Global Apathy) event and Church, A BBQ and the Library, Won a game of chess against an Old Friend, Helped the Homeless and Talked to My Father and my Mother in One Day...I don't do that often enough... I guess I'd like anyone who reads this to be my facebook friends so is my e-mail and you can look at the pics.

Now what shall I bore you with today?  I am interested in...SAGA Students against Global Apathy...P.S. I miss Her...To Her...I Miss You...I always have...It is complicated...JOIN SAGA Friends!

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Students Against Global Apathy (SAGA) is a groundbreaking new student organization at the University of Alberta that was literally born very, very lat...
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I went to our first retreat this year and if you are a Student I think you should think about...Not being Apathetic About...Epidemics of Apathy have gone viral in these Days of Doom Gloom...I look you Straight in the Eye and say: "Carry this Load with We because it will break both Our Backs"



Leaders come from all corners of the world. There strength does not come from their outward appearance, but what they have within. This video of young leaders from around the world is inspirational to me because it shows me that my ideas are not bein...g shouted into the wind. I am not alone. We are not alone. Together, and only together, we can create a better future. I'm ready to to take the leap off that scary cliff -- will you join me? (The world needs to hear the voices of young leaders like you. At the 2009 aids2031 Young Leaders Summit in Oslo, Norway, Hopes Voice International filmed a short video in partnership with the Royal Palace Norway and aids2031 on why enabling young leadership is crucial for the current and future AIDS response.) Read More
Length:6:50 VIDEO

Mothers crying in the street
Children dying at their feet, tell me why, ooh tell me why
People starving everywhere
There's too much food but there's none to spare,
Tell me why, oh tell me why

Can you see that shaft of sunlight
can you see it in my eyes
I can feel the fire that's burning
anger and hope so deep
so deep within my heart but before my eyes
for some it's too late
cos it seems there's no-one listening

People sleeping in the streets
no roof above, no food to eat, tell me why, oh tell me why
see the questions in their eyes
listen to their children's cries,
Tell me why, please tell me why

If there's a God, is he watching
can he give a ray of hope
so much pain and so much sorrow
tell me what does he see
when he looks at you
when he looks at me
what would he say
cos it seems there's no-one listening

Who would think it still could happen
even in this time and place
politicians, they may save themselves
ah but they won't save their face
so hope against hope it's not too late

You say there's nothing you can do
is there one rule for them and one for you,
tell me why, just tell my why

Listen can you see that shaft of sunlight
can you see it in my eyes
I can feel the fire that's burning
anger and hope so deep
so deep within my heart but before my eyes
for some it's too late
and it seems there's no-one listening

Hurry for me, hurry for me
Hurry for me, hurry for me, they cry, they cry...

For Annj

Tears stream, down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face and I...

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you.

Tags: redemption...end times...justice, saga

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