Lasith (lasith) wrote,

The Poetry - Chasing the Years of My Life


She is like Snow White so pristine
Her eyes tell fairy tales with each gaze
But those tales can be sad and mean
Not her fault, for past heartache remains
But I wait for the ChinaDoll to sing
For her dark eyes to gleam
I pray this angel will make this Earth
A Heaven of our dreams

All In the Name of Love

Whatever tis, it is to grasp
I give my solemn oath until my voice rasps
To say the three words I hold dear
I love you whether you are far or near
Transfixed until it drives the mind wild
For our greatest fear is to tread alone
Search to make one and one ONE
Struggle on till we are dead and done
But with each grasp, wait for the dove to land
And then it will be love you command

In the Abyss I found a Light.
A light in the darkness, in the gloom of night
Through selfish sadness, A new hope
To find a place in the confusion, a way to cope
Something tells me it's alright
No need to fight, or worry about my plight
To grasp this newer, brighter rebirth
Impossible, intangible, lifelong search
This rebirth I pray ends that search
Tags: 2009 madness

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