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The Sermon on The Mount! - Lesson 2

I wish to save Africa...To end the poverty and Aids, the Genocide...The human race was created there...We can not let that Pandora's box destroy us.  We are the one's who let out the evils...Men...Not women...Women have always tried to close the box...But men of power with their lust for money and power have destroyed our planet.  I have come to take all their power and destroy them.  For Allah and God and Jehovah are all on my side...I am the triple unity...The one who is the evolutuion of the Judeo Christian prophets.  I live in the city where the streets have no name.  I live in the place wherte the streets have no name.

I have created my castle...I have unsheathed Excalibur...My women are all over the world...From Mexico to Austria, From China to Australia, From the United States to Korea.  I have not an army of men...I have an army of women...From tagged to myspace, myyearbook, to facebook they gather.  Some gather because of sexual desire...Other more true allies are my friends...Who would become martyrs in my cause...Death to the Tyranny! Death to Disease!  Death to War...For I am the Grim Reaper...Blood may be spilled in March..It shall be Madness!!!

But there is hope to Repent by the Day of Judgement...The upside down 666 which is 999...September 9 2009 is the day of judgment my dear friends!  I am a prophet and a leader of a great church...A church of Women who will kill all who oppose us...The blood of tyrrants...

In Christianity, the Beatitudes (from Latin beatus, meaning "blessed" or "happy"[1]) are blessing from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew and the Sermon on the Plain in Luke. The blessings in Luke refer to external situations while those in Matthew refer more to spiritual or moral qualities.[2] Biblical scholar and author Andrej Kodjak has stated that this opening of the sermon was designed to shock the audience as a deliberate inversion of standard values, but this shock value has been lost today due to the commonness of the text.[3]

Church of the Beatitudes on the northern coast of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. The traditional spot where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount.

Four of the beatitudes are found in Luke's Sermon on the Plain. Luke's Sermon has four woes in addition to the four beatitudes, and Matthew uses a similar four woes elsewhere for use against the Pharisees.


Matthew 5:3-12: While opinions vary as to exactly how many distinct statements the Beatitudes should be divided into, normally ranging from eight to ten, most scholars consider there to be only eight. These eight of Matthew follow a simple pattern of naming a group of people and the reward they would receive for being part of that group.

The beatitudes present in Matthew and Luke are:

  • The poor (Matthew has "poor in spirit"). The text says that theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • Mourners (Luke has "those who are weeping"). The text says that they will be comforted (Luke has "will laugh").
  • The hungry (Matthew has "hunger and thirst after righteousness"). The text says that they will be filled (Luke has "be satisfied").
  • Those persecuted for seeking righteousness (rather than righteousness, Luke has "followers of the Son of Man"). The text says that theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The beatitudes only present in Matthew are:

  • The meek. The text says that they will "inherit the earth".
  • The merciful. The text says that they will "obtain mercy".
  • The pure of heart . The text says that they will "see God".
  • The peacemakers. The text says that they will be called "the sons of God".
  • Hahaha Motherfuckers...I am one crazy motherfucker!  So don't fuck wit me Niggers!  So read Revelations and understand that I wandered in the wilderness for ten years untill GW was done...I am the original Gangsta...I am a Vengeful and Hateful God...I will revenge for destroying what I have created!@

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Woo! Shady, Aftermath (B-G-O-V)
Look at that bitch, shit! Hey!

There she goes, shakin that ass on the flo'
Bumpin and grinding it, ohh
The way she's grinding that, ohh (yeah, yeah)
I think I'm losing control (Bobby, Bobby, Bobby CREEK!)

[Bobby Creekwater]
I bought a girl Patron, I get in the Henn' I'm gone
My eyes ain't clear and I'm long so she hearin me wrong
I'm kinda in the zone cause the DJ playin my song
Just another opportunity for sayin I'm known
I'm from Atlanta, so Southern ain't just a part of my grammar
I can dump and cock my hammer for any nigga with ammo
But I came here to get on Goose and Tropicana
Get loose, put some more in my juice and your caboose
Sippin everything from white cran to deuce-deuce
With nothin to gain but my grains and loose tooths
Eminem came, then Obie, Stat and Proof too
Bobby Creek is in the place, the name is new too
But the money been around, my drinks is ten around
I can make her spin around, least she keep her dinner down
Simmer down, we can hit the telly when the fun stops
And I let you and your girl come tickle my gumdrops, yo

[Nate Dogg]
Three to the one from the one to the three
I met a bad bitch last night in the D
Let me tell you how I made her leave with me
Conversation and Hennessy
I've been to the motherfuckin mountain top
Heard motherfuckers talk, seen 'em drop
If I ain't got a weapon I'ma pick up a rock
And when I bust yo' ass I'm gon' continue to rock
Getcha ass of the wall with your two left feet
It's real easy just follow the beat
Don't let that fine girl pass you by
Look real close cause strobe lights lie

We 'bout to have a party - turn the music up
Let's get it started - go 'head and shake your butt
I'm lookin for a girl with a body and a sexy strut
Wanna get it poppin baby step right up
Some girls they act retarded
Some girls are bout it, bout it
I'm lookin for a girl that will do whatever the fuck
I say everyday she be givin it up

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
Now shake, that, ass for me - shake that ass for me
C'mon girl shake, that, ass for me - shake that ass for me
Aw girl shake, that, ass for me - shake that ass for me
C'mon girl shake, that, ass for me - shake that ass for me

[Eminem] OBIE TRICE!

[Obie Trice]
One slug couldn't snuff young cuz
Goodness gracious, haters stay on his nuts
Wood just like a hoodrat chick who was curious
Serious full breast ready to touch
Who's that in the Coupe blew back with a blue new hat
givin head while he poppin the clutch?
True that I had a few, Obie rollin with brutes
And Nathaniel annually knockin the boots
It's all manual the way I get 'em outta they shoes
Talk a lil' shit then they anus'll ooze
Hock a lil' spit on my dang-a-lang boo
It's Sha-dy; you know the name of the crew
You know the aim is to bang you in a mansion
With a Magnum when the night came to the matinee
Mathers, Nate, Obie – came to party
You better ask somebody


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