Lasith (lasith) wrote,

Sheila's Prayer

The Bible is a complete work of fiction-created by the king of Rome Ceaser, there is no Jesus there is no Moses.  There is no proof.  I can prove Hitler but I can't prove Mohamid.  I can prove the death of the Jews, but I can't prove Moses.  People are stupid to believe in false Gods.  The only God is yourself.  And what do you choose but to fuck and murder and steal and lie and envy and sloth.  We are the seven sins.  And we know not the seven virtues.  We lost God a long time ago.  Because God is inside of us, but we can't find him anymore. 

The only temple is your heart, when you fill it with lust and hate you have killed God.  Where is your shame? Where is your regret? Where the hell is my shame? Where the hell is my regret? 

God bless your heart.  God bless your soul.  God bless me. 
Forever and ever Amen- Let it Be.

Tags: sheila

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