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Dear Senator Obama

Dear Senator Obama

First I'd first like to congratulate you on winning Vermont and your great showing in Texas.  Do not be discouraged...Hillary always is portrayed as a being an underdog and you are given unnatural and impossible expectations due to poor polling.  Forget the polls, forget Hillary's fear-mongering and Rise up.  You must show how great a leader, a motivator, a campaigner you are.  This is the experience that you have clearly shown  Tell the United States that an the Democratic Party that your campaigning will lead to Clear majorities in the Senate and the House. 

Hillary will most likely lose to McCain.  The American People deserve a Democratic government and they also should remember two things:  Hillary made a very bad decision without research and knowledge namely IRAQ.  And never forget Healthcare.  Mrs. Clnton had 8 years to fail at bringing Healthcare to America.  It was this experience that you must emphasize.  The failed promises of her New York Senate Race.  This is what she says is her "Experience" she talks all about.  She had her chance when she was 'Vice President' with Bill.  These are not lies...these are the facts.  This is not being negative dear sir, this is more important than her hidden tax records and her anti union silence at Wal-Mart.  She has had experience in not doing what she says she will do.  It is a sad fact.

Remember you went into OHIO behind very badly and had to compete with Rush Limbaugh urging the Republicans to vote against you, Gov. Strickland and huge demographic disadvantages.  Don't forget that you are the leader of this nomination.  Remember that you have Super-delagates flocking to you.  Don't be afraid to ask them to help you, defend you, they know you, they worked with you, their testament will be your greatest strength against the Lies and Innuendo.  It is that coalition of unified Obama team that will not only defend against the blind attacks of the Clinton machine but rise above them to show OUR strength, OUR character.  It is OUR movement...Do not think that you are alone.  This is OUR fight as well as yours...Lead US in it.

I trust you will win Mississippi and Wyoming with good margins and will use the Super-delagates to end this petty bickering before April.  Prevent the Clinton side from stealing this democratic nomination through their old political trickery.  Another election taken just like Al Gore lost in Florida?!  Absolutely not!  We the Democratic Party must ensure that our party is not throwing away the rule of law and the concept of democracy.  Attack Clinton on this...Hit her hard...If She tries to Cheat us, we must defend ourselves.

Good Luck...Take Strength in Our continued and Unified support!

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