Lasith (lasith) wrote,

1,2,3,4 Tell me What my Life is For...

I like the idea of God...

God is a Paradox...First of All God Believes in Creationism...He actually created himself...He believes in Evolution...With each passing day he has more followers, more knowledge more power...He evolves...And Yet he doesn't...He already is as strong and all knowing as he possibly can be...He knows everything after all.

He has one name...God...He has infinate names such as Jehovah, Allah, Shiva and All kinds of others...He is Alpaha and Omega...The first and the last....He is both nothing and everything at the same time...Because that is his destiny...If he didn't exist the future would be the same...Destiny....Because he does exist and is perfect.  So perfect that his non existance will not matter because he has already ensured that there will be no mistakes...That everything happens the way He wants...The way She wants the way IT wants. 

IT is infinately good...Infinately Evil....IT Knows how to be both...But IT is just...IT thrives on Fear and Hope...It Thrives on LOVE...IT is the enemy of HATE....That is the IT"S most powerful weapon...LOVE  IT is inside you...your soul, your conscience, your guilt.  Heaven exists and it ironically exists for those that believe they deserve to go to HELL.  Think about that...IF you think you deserve to go to heaven...there is something very wrong with is not anyone's right to choose...But God's.  For if do not feel...Luxuria (extravagance, later lust), Gula (gluttony), Avaritia (greed), Acedia (sloth), Ira (wrath), Invidia (envy), and Superbia (pride) then you can are not human...You are God and you can create your own heaven...But then I have always maintained that I am God...That I create my self...I existed before I was born and that when I die I will rise again...LONG LIVE Lazarex...IT is good...IT is Bad IT is both...It is 0, IT is 1, It is Infinity, IT is ALL...For thine is  thine kingdom the power and the glory FOR Ever and Ever more...Amen

Thinking about Forever - Payable On Death (P.O.D.)
Time goes by and God knows I try to carry on with life
Decide not to hide feelings inside, even though they hurt
Sometimes, I forget to remember you
It's easy to lock away the pains, don't want to relive it through
But I stay strong, you taught me how to move on in this world
I married my sweetheart, even got a little baby girl
I wish you could see her, I swear she looks just like you
If you can hear me, show me a sign, please send her a butterfly or two

I'm thinking about forever (missing you)
I know you're so much better (we made it through)

Now I know what it means to live for someone else
To give up yourself
Things have changed, at times it gets kind of strange
Your love remains the same
Do I make you proud? Mama, can you see me now?
Whatever is good in me is because you showed me how to take love by the hand
And so now I can share you with my baby
So that she can understand


ending chorus:
I'm thinking about forever (missing you)
I know you're so much better (we made it through)
I'm thinking about forever (missing you)
I'm tripping on whatever (hearing you)


Dear Obama,
Stay Vigilant...Stay on Message...And start saying and showing your leadership...Defend yourself...Protect your character and focus on how great an individual you are but don't let Hillary's fear mongering  bother or distract....Tell her she failed getting Healthcare once...That is her experience...Say you will not fail because with your strong campaigning you will win huge majorities in the Senate and House this November and will be the greatest president since JFK...Good Luck!
Tags: religion, wisdom

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