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Arjuna and Nisa

Arjuna sat with Nisa at the Breakfast table....Manju the cook was with them and they
were discussing a strange question that their teacher had asked in class the day prior...
"Do you remember it Nisa?" he asked while the mango juice dribbled to the table.  "Oh yes!"
Nisa said as she recited the words that had traveled through her mind all day

"What is greater than God,
More evil than the devil,
The poor have it,
The rich need it,
And if you eat it, you'll die?"

Manju smiled..."Who asks such foolish questions is silly but those who have
so much trouble answering it is even more foolish...This question to me is nothing
and the answer even less.  I think you two should not lose your mind over it."

"Oh not worry we will not lose our mind over riddles!"

As they left and Manju swept the floor Manju giggled and thought to
herself..."Isn't always the case that we always care too much of foolish things?
There is always nothing more that can make you go mad than nothing and it
seems that when you have nothing there is always enough to go around."

Nisa was so excited.  She so wanted to go and get the answer from her teacher
and then she felt a chill and she stopped....She said then:

"If the day after tomorrow is yesterday, then "today"
is as far from Saturday as the day which was "today"
when the day before yesterday was tomorrow!"

Arjuna stared at his sister in disbelief...For he understood this riddle...
"Manju was right...we have lost our minds"

"I think Maju is quite wise now that I think of it" Nisa said.

"I think we should go home and talk to her about wisdom.  We
always knew she was wise but we were never clever enough
to listen" Arjuna Replied

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