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Tis Good to Remain Calm in The Storm

Twas an exciting day!  Went to temple and met the new Sri Lankan monk and visited the temple for the first time.  Nim and Dinesh are opposed to Euthanasia, Ruwan is not.  Murky subject not interested til the moment comes, won't judge others.  But I am sick and tired of buddhists asking about killing musquitoes...but I was tired of this a long time ago.  I took good notes, think some good ideas for me are to foget the bad memories of the past.  37 factors of enlightenment...That is a good number...a nice prime number.  

After that I came home and was dissapointed by lack of PGA coverage.  When the net said that poor Weirsie had slipped back out of contention I was further dissapointed.  Sakshi phoned and I went to visit her.  She made something like a cutlet out of patato wrapped in bread and deep fried.  We went to Fringe which was the same old actually and we'll probably see a show later this week.  

Afterwards i took the 6 home and continued reading my Chronicles of Narnia.  As we crossed Calgary trail we were hit by an SUV driven by what would be termed a 'chica calliente'.  So remember 'chica calliente', though you may look good in your white boots and blaring gasolina on the cd player.  You look pretty bad when you go down a one way road into and hit a bus.  I got to call 911, bus driver was in some shock, chica calliente was wearing her seat belt which saved her life.  She seemed to have some whiplash and was pinned in the vehicle but was alive.  I got to see the jaws of life in use and I have a hypothesis on what happened.  She went to the Boston Pizza, maybe drunk, maybe clueless and thought she was travelling in the right direction which she was not.  Never drive nothbound on calgary trail south folks or you might be dead.  Anyway chica calliente probably learnt a good lesson not to change cds while going through an intersection in the wrong direction at high speeds.  Whoah Gasolina!  I'll edit if I get the pic.

zumbale mambo pa' que mi gata prenda los motores,
zumbale mambo pa' que mi gata prenda los motores,
zumbale mambo pa' que mi gata prenda los motoez

Que se preparen que lo que viene es pa que le den, Duro!

Mamita yo se que tu no me va quitar(duro!)
Lo que me gusta es que te dejas llevar (duro!!)
todo los weekenes ella sale a vacilar (duro!!)
mi gata no para de janguiar porque

Ella le gusta le la gasolina (talkin bout gasolina!)
(Dame mas Gasolina)
Como le encanta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina)
(Dame mas Gasolina)x2

Ella prende las turbinas,
No discrimina,
No se pierde ni un party de marquesina,
Se acicala hasta pa' la esquina,
Luce tan bien que hasta la sombra le combina,
asecina, me domina
janguea en carros, motoras y limosina,
Llena su tanque de adrenalina,
Cuando escucha el reggaeton en la cocina.

A ella le gusta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!)
Como le encanta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!) 2x

(yo!)Aqui yo soy de los mejores
No te me ajores
En la pista nos llama

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