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What is Justice? I guess it's all perspective...

First I'd like to say some info that I have recieved...I have sponsered a child in Lanka...I have found out her name and some info about her...Her name is Dineskanthini and it's and interesting mixture of names from my life...Dinesh is my brother's name and Kanthi is my aunt's and both my grandmothers' names...She is in grade 3 but sadly enough that is almost all I know of with time maybe I will find more...
I'd sponsor more if I could...and I guess I would have squandered the money anyway...I think when you have a connection...a close connection with someone...and if that person is in sadness or think of justice...Buddhism is all about get what you deserve...But don't we all deserve more?...How is it possible that someone who steals to feed their family gets the same sentence of a white collar criminal....Why did we have racism....genocide...why are we different that just...The thing about karma for me is this...we all would have had to start of at the same to be equal....To be just..You can't start the race with 50 metres ahead of the others...See there you have it...There is no Justice because everyone believes that there was a God who doesn't could he?..and he was there at the start and only him...So isn't he already infinately ahead of everyone?  Is this it just?  Then maybe like the Hindus believe there were 33 million Gods...maybe that's more it just...karma exists because of the interaction of individuals...Now if you create someone like possibly God did...Then is it fair that the person he creates is not as powerful as it fair...So here's the hypothesis....0 to infinty instantly..nothing is created that wasn't there at the dawn of time...By infinity I mean all that there is...which is actually a finite number...A finite number of sensient beings...And then they die off...I think one day we will go to 0 again...and then we wait for a miricle to start again...the miricle of life...It's just as hard to go from 0 to 1 as it is to go from 0 to infinty...if you think about it....It's easier however to believe that there is no justice...It's never was just and how can it ever be just...maybe if we don't exist anymore...Maybe that is justice...NewsBoys...singing a song....It'll be on the Virtual Experiment if you want to listen...

Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)

They all fall
Like a million raindrops
Falling from a blue sky
Kissin' your cares goodbye
They all fall
Like a million pieces
A tickertape parade high
And now you're free to fly

Carryin' a millstone malaise
It's been pulling down your gaze
You pound the pavement
It don't give or care
This weight ain't yours to bear

Why you holdin' grudges in old jars?
Why you wanna show off all your scars?
What's it gonna take to lay a few burdens down?
It's a beautiful sound
When that muffled sigh
Says you're barely getting by
Cut your burdens loose and just simplify

This is not your floor
You're going higher than before
Drop the weight now
Wait for the lookout guide
Look outside
You've gotta lay that burden down
You've gotta lay that burden down
It's time to leave your burdens in a pyre
Set a bonfire

'Cause when you lay your burdens down
When you lay your burdens down
When you drop them burdens
What a free-fall
What a thrill
Bury them all
In a landfill


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