Lasith (lasith) wrote,

Delay...Denial...Procrastinate...Stark Realization

Well I'm now officially moved into my room on Campus...I have a meeting tonight to get acquainted and all...International House is the place and my room is 6-17. I still don't know what to expect but even if I find out the booze will severely affect my memory. Possibly going to an African party tonight. Going to Calgary on Monday to watch the Eskies beat the Stamps. I thought I'd post this because the Democrats are pussies and they look to be losing in the electoral college...What a dumb idea that is...but how about this for a sign...JFK2004...(John Forbes Kerry)...Run with it...Let's Sink that Dumb Texan...Fool Me once...Shame on you...Fool me twice...Shame on Me. Those With Wisdom Must Shout It Out or Ignorance will be the Awful Din that Clouds our Judgement and Leads us into the path of despair. Peace Out...Las

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