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Good Byes and New Beginnings

I don't write about Annj too much other than my sappy poems...I tell things about her to my friends...Sometimes she hurts me...Sometimes

I hurt her...But mostly she makes me so happy...Gives me a reason to be better...I like to serve...It's not like I want to be a slave but I

know that me being a better person requires me to give to others and make those around me happier.  That makes me happy.  I try not

to expect things back...sometimes it's hard but I know that I surround myself with good people...It's a rule I keep...People who have

courage, heart, empathy, wisdom and most of all kindness.  You don't need too much but you have to have some of each. 


I know she has it all and more and I know that my friend Chris who leaves today has them too. 


In many ways he is my closest friend...Others have moved away but for 8 years we have not gone

a week without talking or being in contact...Except his drunk trips to Cuba and Europe...The Latter I call the Corruption of Arif.  But I value his integrety,

I have never known him to break any rules that were of consequence...Sometimes he gets drunk but he is so hard working.  That was a weird sentence,

so unrelated...But here we go again..Woo Hoo!  He has a focus, a goal, and he makes good decisions...He knows what he wants to be happy and he

amazingly does so many of the things he says he'll do.  Talk to NHL hockey players....Have Wayne Gretzky on the Cell...Crazy Shit.  Go run

the World Asian Games in the Middle East and be White...Crazy Shit...LOL...I'm sure he'll be working at the Olympics in 2010...And I guess I have to be

in Thailand in 2007...Hopefully...I guess I'm going to work today...Should be fun...I hate work...But I get to be the boss so that's fine...But Going to be a

millionaire by 30...Seems realistic...And sure I doubted at first...And that was wrong of me...But it's what's in your heart that makes you great...Not

how smart you are...what do you do with your IQ if you have no common sense?  And if you follow great leaders...eventually you will lead yourself...I guess

I make my own shadow now rather than be in his...but he helped me see the lifting me up  when I was down.  Cheers and Good Luck my Good Friend.


And My Annj...Sometimes there was a point in the summer where I put a lot of stress on her...I thought so high of her...I thought she could carry me...I didn't

need her too...I just kinda wanted her to...I regret that...It is true that I fall pretty hard in Love...I focus maybe too much...put too much of my life into someone

else...But I wouldn't want it any other way...I want her to know I will be there...That I care...That I am not a Man Whore...LOL...I don't want to pressure her...

I don't expect anything...I just want her to accept my love...And more and more I know her...The more I love...She's beautiful, kind, emotional, assumes she can

be rational...I think she's crazy...But just like she fears she will hurt me...I am determined not to hurt her...because it has happened too much to her in the past.

And you know that's why I annoy her by trying to contact her when she's mad at me or something...I just want her to know I care and that I'm sorry or that

I want to help.  To serve.  But I guess she doesn't realize how she serves me...With her attention...her smile...her trust...her honesty...her heart...her love. Things I

most value in this world.  I am an emotional Punjab...but I wouldn't have it any other way...Even though we'll have our drama...I know we're cool...


I think she doesn't know how proud I am of her...She does so many things that I think are amazing and require courage.  I was so proud when she

graduated.  So proud when she had her first teaching job.  Proud that she will do things that are difficult and proud that she cares for me.  I think I value

that so much.  Sometimes people think I'm crazy or a fool...But I know people and those are people that I avoid.  It allows me to be surrounded by

good people...I am proud of my friends and my loved ones...I am proud to have this pride...I am proud to help them make my pride even more.  I say that

I am filled with the seven deadly sins...But I'm proud of that too...It makes me a better human.


The Sins

Ranked in ascending order of severity (worst sins listed last) as per Dante's Divine Comedy (in the Purgatorio), the seven deadly sins are:

  • Lust — Unlawful sexual desire, such as desiring sex with a person one is not married to (fornication). (Dante's criterion was "excessive love of others," thereby detracting from the love due God). In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, lust is referred to as luxuria.
  • Gluttony — Wasting of food, either through overindulgence in food, drink or intoxicants, misplaced desire for food for its sensuality, or withholding food from the needy ("excessive love of pleasure" was Dante's rendering). In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, gluttony is referred to as gula.
  • Greed (covetousness, avarice) — A desire to possess more than one has need or use for (or, according to Dante, "excessive love of money and power"). In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, avarice is referred to as avaritia.
  • Sloth (also accidie, acedia) — Laziness; idleness and wastefulness of time allotted. Laziness is condemned because:
  • Others have to work harder
  • It is disadvantageous for oneself, because useful work does not get done
  • It, like gluttony, is a sin of waste, for it wastes time, implicitly due to pride
  • An equilibrium: one does not produce much, but one does not need much either (in Dante's theology, sloth is the "failure to love God with all one's heart, all one's mind, and all one's soul" - specific examples including laziness, cowardice, lack of imagination, complacency, and irresponsibility).
In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, sloth is referred to as acedia.
  • Wrath (anger, hate) — Inappropriate (unrighteous) feelings of hatred, revenge or even denial, as well as punitive desires outside of justice (Dante's description was "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite"). In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, wrath is referred to as ira.
  • Envy (jealousy) — Resentment of others for their possessions (Dante: "Love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs"). In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, envy is referred to as invidia.
  • Pride (vanity) — A desire to be important or attractive to others or excessive love of self (holding self out of proper position toward God or fellows; Dante's definition was "love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one's neighbor"). In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, pride is referred to as superbia. In Jacob Bidermann's mediaeval miracle play Cenodoxus - superbia is the deadliest of all the sins, and led directly to the damnation of the famed Doctor of Paris, Cenodoxus.

P.S.  Thoughts on Sins...Greeed is the worst...Cuz it makes you selfish...Being selfish should be a sin...Wrath is ok...Feel Ice Dragon's Wrath...Hate is very bad though...The

Others...Meh...Blah...Not sure...What you think I have all the answers?!  Feel My Wrath miserable Humans!  When I am God...I will Have Like Three names: Ice Dragon,

The Sith, and Lazarex...All Hot...And if you say you're God...and they believe you...Wawawewa...You can Sin all you like

I Want to Know What Love Is  by Foreigner

I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when I’m older

Now this mountain I must climb
Feels like a world upon my shoulders
I through the clouds I see love shine
It keeps me warm as life grows colder

In my life there’s been heartache and pain
I don’t know if I can face it again
Can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

I’m gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me
I’ve got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me

In my life there’s been heartache and pain
I don’t know if I can face it again
I can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
And I wanna feel, I want to feel what love is
And I know, I know you can show me

Let’s talk about love
I wanna know what love is, the love that you feel inside
I want you to show me, and I’m feeling so much love
I wanna feel what love is, no, you just cannot hide
I know you can show me, yeah

I wanna know what love is, let’s talk about love
I want you to show me, I wanna feel it too
I wanna feel what love is, I want to feel it too
And I know and I know, I know you can show me
Show me love is real, yeah
I wanna know what love is...

I Want Annj To Show Me



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