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Chasing the Dragon

Chasing the Dragon - Ice Dragon Productions

Drug of choice cuz I don't get paid

Drug of choice cuz I can't get Laid

Fuck Off! I Chase the Dragon!

My Body, My House is a Cage

Inside lives Wrath and Rage

Fuck Off! I Chase The Dragon!

Do you think you understand Pain?

Still alive with nothing to gain?!

Fuck Off! I Chase The Dragon!

Life is a Misery, Yet I am a Coward

Afraid to Die, But Life is so Sour

Help Me!  I Chase the Dragon!

Heroin is self-administered by the addict in a number of ways: he can orally ingest it, sniff it, inject it beneath the skin (known as `skin-popping' because the skin is popped up and heroin injected), or inject it directly into a vein (known as `mainlining' because it is put in a main line, so to say). A number of poor people in our country take it by smoking (known as `chasing the dragon'). For this, a metal foil from an empty cigarette pack is taken and the white powder spread over it in the form of a straight line. The addict makes a straw from a paper and puts one end of it into his mouth. The other end of the straw is kept a few millimetres away from one end of the powder line. A match is lit and the flame put beneath the foil. This vaporises some of the powder amd the addict sucks in through the straw lustily. The flame is advanced along the line beneath the metal foil and at the same time the straw is advanced along the line above it, with the addict puffing furiously all the time. In this manner, the addict goes back and forth along the line, till all the powder is consumed. This peculiar way of inhaling the heroin smoke has given rise to the expression `chasing the dragon'. Some addicts keep a metal coin between their teeth and lips. This is supposed to `catch' the impurities. When the addict is short of drug supply, this coin is scraped and whatever drug is recovered, is used.

Dr Dre. - The Watcher

Things just ain't the same for gangsters
Times is changin, young niggaz is agin
Becomin O.G.'s in the game and changin
to make way for these new names and faces but
the strangest things can happen from rappin
when, niggaz get wrapped up in image and actin
Niggaz get capped up and wrapped in plastic
and zipped up in bags when it happens, that's it
I've seen em come, I've watched em go
Watched em rise, witnessed it and watched them blow
Watched em all blossom and watched em grow
Watched the lawsuits when they lost the dough
Best friends and money?  I lost them both
Went and visisted niggaz in the hospital
and saw the same shit all across the globe
I just sit back and watch the show (the watcher)

Cause everywhere that I go
ain't the same as befo' (the watcher)
People I used to know
just don't know me no mo' (the watcher)
But everywhere that I go
I got people I know (the watcher)
who got people they know
So I suggest you lay low (the watcher)

I moved out of the hood for good - you blame me?
Niggaz aim angry at niggaz they can't be
But niggaz can't hit niggaz they can't see
I'm out of sight, now I'm out of they dang reach
How would you feel if niggaz wanted you killed?
You'd probably move to a new house on a new hill
and choose a new spot if niggaz wanted you shot
I ain't a thug - how much Tupac in you you got?
I ain't no bitch neither - it's either my life
or yo' life and I ain't leavin - I like breathin
Cause nigga we can go round for round
Clip for clip, shit fo'pound for pound
Nigga if you really wanna take it there we can
Just remember that you fuckin with a family man
I got a lot more to lose than you, remember that
when you wanna come and fill these shoes (the watcher)

Things just ain't the same for gangstas
Cops is anxious to put niggaz in handcuffs
They wanna hang us, see us dead or enslave us
Keep us trapped in the same place we raised in
Then they wonder why we act so outrageous
Run around stressed out and pull out gauges
Cause everytime you let the animal out cages
It's dangerous, to people who look like strangers
But now we got a new era of gangsters
Hustlers and youngsters livin amongst us
Lookin at us, now callin us bustaz
Can't help but reminisce back when it was us
Nigga we started this gangsta shit!
And this the motherfuckin thanks I get?
It's funny how time fly
I'm just havin fun, just watchin it fly by (the watcher)



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