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Thinking About Forever...

I know what takes you to's your friends and family...most probably

not the girls dancing on the Bar.  But it is where you learn what kind of person

you are.  When you are talking to the girl and your friend is drowning in his puke,

you are not thinking about forever.  When someone asks you if you've seen your

friend and some stranger tells you he's been kicked out of the club.  That is when

you know that maybe to that girl you have been shining, but you have not been thinking

about forever.  Sometimes people don't realize when you shine, People shine

when they sacrifice, when people are down, you shine by picking them up,

but there are those who are thinking about forever...they see you shine. 

make em wonder whatcha got
make em wish that they were not
on the outside looking bored
let it shine before all men
let em see good works and then

you will inspire the kind of entire turnaround

I had great times with the VIC crew and Ashley and Etien (18 bro...smooth sailing now!)

I'll miss you guys...

And it's nice how I'm not completely morally bankrupt...I still sometimes listen to

my heart and it tells me to do good thing...I guess it's a spirit thing...

It's an early warning sign,
it keeps my life in line,
but it's so hard to define,

It's just a spirit thing,
it's just a holy nudge,
it's like a circuit judge in the brain.
It's just a spirit thing,
it's here to guard my heart,
it's just a little hard to explain.

It pushes when i quit,
it smells a counterfeit,
Sometimes it works a bit like a teleprompter...

When it's telepromting you,
I pray you'll let it through,
And I'll help you with the how,
But for now...

I'm thinking about forever



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