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For Sawanee - On Innocence

Bo - Ice Dragon Productions

She sat on the porch in her new summer dress
Her laughter echoed through the yard
Anything asked, she'd always yell...Yes!
A pure trust, Never a thought to harm

She was an innocent, because she was young
An innocent because she knew nothing but love
When the dog was yelping, to her feet she flung
And it's paw she hurried to take the thorn out of

But it did not see her kind intention
And her innocence, seemed to blind her vision
The wounded creature, showing a vicious demension
Innocence lost, a painful lesson, a rash decison

Later she told her Mom that night:
"If I was a dog, that's how I'd bite"

Yeah...the collection of poetry grows...some is actually
useful or has some human nature in it...I need to promote myself
because I'm egotistical and I have no qualms about it...I also
quite enjoy it...

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