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Embarrasement on The 29th of July

I drink too much...usually water...but also gatorade and
recently sour apple crush...2 for 2.22...That is thrifty
Las...But when I drink these things my weak bladder fails me...
The power of the Sith does not reach to my damn bladder...
It has not the fortitude that is required to be mine...I plan
to replace it like Vader replaced his limbs...Anyway I was downtown
and running around like a freaking jackass for five minutes
asking people if they knew an open bathroom...It seems like there is
none in this goddamn city at that time!

I ran into scotia place and the dam started to crack...I ran out of the building and started watering the first evergreen...What a mess...It was quite public...What a smeigal I was...hiding but knowing that I was not in a forest
but 10 steps from a major street...and people were walking towards me
..."Icrease pressure bladder!" I ordered...It complied...I zipped up
hopefully before they witnessed my stream...I am not in
I am suceessful...But I am looking for a new water

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