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I want to offer my Thanx and gratitude

Sometimes you don't know who your friends are till all
the others leave you. I want to thank Chanchal especially
because she haas been nothing but kind and wise. I thank Ru
and Anita who read my poems and saw that I wasn't right. I want
to thank my loyal friends Kevin and farouq who shared time
and laughter.

There were days when I felt like dying...I'll be honest...There
were times when I shut them all out..but they persisted in
their love. I waaaas asking who would let me cry with them
without laughing...i thought no one...but it was all of them...

I was messed up I admit...I was thinking too much about one
thing, one person, I forgot about how I have valued friendship.
And in the end I was only concerned with myself.

I will probably lose my mind or my heart or something important
again...It is a great comfort that I have many who will help me
find myself again.

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