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Why when I am on the edge
Do I always jump off?
Rather than gaze at the beauty over the ledge
Rather than raise my hands in praise aloft
These Selfish Desires will end in my demise
But one desire is the ultimate prize
Without it, the drop to the abyss assured
Without love, life is only endured

When My mind is Idle...

I think of her...God damn Idle mind...and yep I am
in longer are her words comforting my
mind...But my mind plays over words she'll say to me's over...And how I don't want to live
without her...So...I...

Might as well smile
Might as well smile

I will be strong
We'll carry on
And I'll always hold on to my smile

What would you say?
Would you say that it's sad for feeling this way?

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Dust in my eyes
I realize
That I'm thinking
Of you

Do you know what I think?
Do you know what I think about it?
About it

I guess you don't know anything
You don't know anything about it
About it

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