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I am awake...

I think Ajitha is annoyed with me...Annj said she thinks she likes me...but...
I don't think she does...Honestly I think when I talk about Annj she doesn't
approve.  I think she thinks me arrogant...I'm not but I like to talk about Annj
too much and I guess she doesn't like it.  Today I waaas talking to her on
MSN and I told her about the wireless place at Annj's school and she said she
knew about it then went offline.  I think she was offended by me telling her
this...I was just trying to say she could talk to her on MSN.  Oh well...I guess
I should just not open my mouth...I'm not even sure if I should talk to Ajitha
anymore...I don't think I will,,,Don't want her too pissed...I know Annj will save the
day...Or maybe..."It's Over"...I certainly hope it isn't though

Me at Soccer

Sipping the Brew at Reds

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