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Is it not strange...

I recieved an E-mail today from a girl who actually liked my journal.
I should retire now while I'm ahead. Anyway I feel obligated to
try to produce material that is interesting and unique. I have been
told that I do not put enough juicy personal details about myself on the
journal...I assure you there are plenty. However I rarely find my days
interesting to post about. It seems to me that the most interesting part
of my day is when I talk to Annj. I would like to go to England to visit
her but I am expecting a letter that doesn't seem to come.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to a concert...I am seriously considering going to the concert putting a jacket on my seat and walking out. I would come back three hours later...fully fed, refreshed, and ready to riot. Should that not
be the new Canada Day activity? We would show the world that if hockey teaches
you anything that you don't fuck with a Canadian cuz he'll pummel you. Why don't i ever have the opportunity to get into a fight...Sometimes I go down
Whyte avenue and am asking for it but I never get it...If I wasn't so ethical
I could just find some guy I don't like the look of and start wailing on him.

I'm trying to shed this personality of being too nice and cute. Being called
Hunnny Bunny and Cutie Pattotie is fine on the phone but it lacks something
on print that say Adonis, Greek God, or He-Man may have. I think I should have some input on these things but the woman is even more adamant...I like
that...cuz deep inside of me, in the places I don't realize are there...I
like being her Hunny Bunny.

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