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I think...

That the soccer field is too large...My nakle is not healing when I play soccer...We always lose
our games...But It's ok...It's alright... Have a good time cuz it's alright...Oba Di Oba Da Life goes
on... Soccer is good to play if I was any good...I have little confidance that I will make the Sri Lankan team...after all why have Sri Lankans when there are better white/non-sri lankans who can play
for you? And then you can always have a scapegoat to blame...well not you...ME...I love to play
the blame's much easier than taking responsibility...Do or do not...There is no try! It is so
easy to do nothing or say nothing because other people might kick my ass...I can take on one or
two idiots... Why are there always huge Mobs wanting my head...Probably because I have a very
sexy head. That must be it...Ladies Like Cool Jeans...Ladies Like Las's Look...Honestly there can
be nothing of integral value that I can say that haaasn't been said before on the topic...LL Cool J
would agree...

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