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You have no idea how addictive writing Bullshit is!

Or maybe you do! Honestly I rarely read livejournals because I find the
people boring. I read Anita's cuz she's my friend and I know her in person
but I read virtually nothing that's title doesn't catch my eye. However
whatever I write I find amazing and wonderful...this is a sign that I am an
egotistical bastard...However it doesn't matter because there are a silent few
who regularily read my journal and leave crazy comments that sometimes
characterize me as being a racist or only liking punjabi people...It's not the
case at all...I have some allegiances to my punjabi breetheren and my
Fellow Brits...Also to Canadian and Singhalese and Sons or Ishmael, and my chinaman friend, and my jewish friend, and my wannabe Brit friend, and a
few koreans, and a singapore guy, and maybe a few girls in austria and one in Quebec. But don't get me wrong...I hate a lot of quebeqouis and canadians, and punjabis (the punjabi women never give me the time of day!), and snobby lankans and other guys...I make no point here...Simply that I like to babble on
about nothing...Now a little treat for Vesak (Celebration of Birth and Death
of The Buddha)...Some Lasith trying to say some Singhala....

Komada Machan? Mama hondai adda! Oyage amma loku nedha? Mama nange keeyane
na mage amma lassanai...mama keeyane oyage katha oyage amma kanna pooloowange!
Mage Ammow! Mage amma mata gootee kananava...Hiyo! Apparade! Mama dang
andanava...Mama oya dakkanevanag oyage kata pallena gahanava! Para
ootege pootha!

That really wasn't so nice for Vesak...but I won't translate so I think
of it as a good deed and how good a person I am...i am the greatest...
How kind I am and good to those that do not understand my evil...
God Bless me and my endeavors and may when I reach heaven may he misinterpret
my intentions.

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