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As I have So much Time to Waste...

I am going to Weigh in on Intelligent Design...There are three
options in Religion...We are the only planet with life...There are
aliens and there is a God. Of course you could have God or Aliens...
Most people who believe in God have such a strong hubrus that they
believe that Humanity is the only species in the universe that God
loves and created. I am here to say that I want to put into the
curriculum that Aliens seeded the planet and that they helped build
the Pyramids. You must teach Alien Design as well as Evolution as
well as talking snakes and Sinful women...That is my opinion...And why
does Cain get such a bad rap? He was first son...I have always had
the right to assasinate my brother as my dad almost weekly would try to
assainate me...all within his rights...look at Abraham and that silly
jerk Isaac...Go Ishamel go...The end

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