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My Political Opinion

As it looks like we are heading into another election...I thought I
would state some of my opinions so that people can yell at me and I can
then beat them down. First of all I'd like to say that the cost of the
election will be more than the sponsership scandel. I am sick of this
damn unholy alliance between these bible-thumping bigots and the leave-Canada
now federal party. Of course the post-FLQ party will dominate the next
election in Quebec and we will once again be put to the noose by the
seperatists. I will vote Liberal this election and there will be a
backlash aginst the Tories by me by somehow uniting the Sith Army Defence and
the Punjabi Oppositon Organization also known as S.A.D. P.O.O. Three cheers for Sad Poo!

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