Lasith (lasith) wrote,

Re: Truth is the most important in our dreams are real

DSC03757.JPGLife is a like a short burst of energy that burns deep into our soul and burns into our mind.  That is what we can see also that sometimes our flame is like a candle, it can quiver and it may be extinguished with no reason or rhyme.  I can see the light in my eye glimmering and like jewels that give a beautiful sight. Such is the life that I believe and I know in deep colours that are like a rainbow painting the beauty that will never end in my mind.  I will never forget the sun and stars and the pride in my heart that glows in my big heart.

I dreamed a night and dream it like a day in my star trek convention in 2013, It was the creation of the Big Bang Law upon how the universe was created. It was a simple thing in physics that there are infinite dimensions, not the 3rd or 4th dimensions but it is at the moment that seems of creation there was nothing and everything, at that point 0,1 means infinite situations but only one God is a group of gods that created nothing in one moment of when I have seen my death many times, I am crucified and I am one of many Gods/ But the God that is mine was my universe starting in Birmingham, United Kingdom. This world is mine and I am in that dream....

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Wawawewa!, where to begin? I was born In England, Live in Canada, Want to teach High School, Like to eat milk rice...I am from a Sri Lankan Heritage and I like to drink Bicardi Breezers and Baja Rosa. I live in Edmonton where I've spent most of my life and currently
study education at the University of Alberta.

I answer questions...make stupid comments...I am deep in the way that I think everything is a joke...And so I think Humour
is a powerful weapon...Ask Me about My NDP plan...It is somewhat liberal and mostly crazy...LalalaLiberals...LalalaLas!

Most people cal me Las because I have a habit of hating to repronounce my real name and a habit of doing it often...Laz...Lass

Whatever...I hope you don't take me too seriously...But if you do...I can sign autographs for a price...25 cents sounds good

Tags: alberta, buddhism, canada, edmonton, god, lasith, old scona academic high school, religion, roshantha, united kingdom, witharana

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