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You scored 70% Esotericism, 70% Power, and 54% Malevolence!

Vilkacis (to be translated literally as "wolf's eyes"; 'werewolf') is
usually a malicious creature; a scary being people can turn into. There
are particular ways how the people with this curse turn into the wolves
and then get their human appearance back and places where this is said
to have happened. Although mostly malevolent, on occasion it would
bring treasures. It belongs to the same lower level of mythological
beings as Dievini, Ragana, Pukis and Vadatajs. It is not clear whether
with Vilkacis it is the flesh or just the soul that transforms, as
there are accounts of moving an apparently sleeping person whose soul
is out "running as a werewolf", after which the person turns out to be
dead, as the soul couldn't enter the flesh to return.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 84% on Esotericism
You scored higher than 86% on Power
You scored higher than 82% on Malevolence
Link: The Mythological Profile Test written by LacedWithASmile on Ok Cupid

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