December 7th, 2010

Crimson Sunshine

Dina the angel of learning watched as the crescent moon revealed itself in the early evening.  So much preparation was needed to be done before the Mass of Christ and this time of day was always a reminder of such.  Another day of brightness for Dina as she had oversaw a birth and helped save the struggling child with a surge of her heavenly touch.  If anything Dina was an angel who loved children, how they soaked up the world, being the Angel of Learning made it so. The sky appeared to be the color of a ripe grapefruit and from it Dina observed her two brothers Gabriel and Michael descending.  The twilight moon was starting to glisten as Michael spoke "Your work with the child this morn was amazing Dina, He is pleased indeed." She smiled at them both and said "You know that his love of the children makes them so powerful to all of us, our love of them is full."  Gabriel nodded in agreement and added "Indeed, He gave preference to the love of good over the remembrance of my Lord until the sun disappears into the curtain of darkness" Dina winked at Gabriel "Indeed dear brothers, let us send us on our search for knowledge to seek his guidance in the matter of the children"  And with wings unfurled the three angels headed up towards the crescent moon in the now darkened sky, leaving not a trace of their presence in the world below.

"Heaven From Here"

Know no fear I'll still be here tomorrow
Bend my ear I'm not gonna go away
You are love so why do you shed a tear
Know no fear you will see heaven from here

I'll shelter you make it alright to cry
And you'll help too cos the faith in myself
Has run dry
We are love and I just wanna hold you near
Know no fear we will see heaven from here

I see real love in your eyes
And it fills me up when you start to cry

I just wanna hold you near
We will see heaven from here

Well it all seems out of reach
I will take the blame if it keeps the peace
My shelf life's short
Wish they'd make it more easy to follow
And I've been caught with nothing but
Love on my mind
We are love don't let it fall on deaf ears
Now it's clear we have seen heaven from here