February 18th, 2009

The Dragon

Do You Believe in Miracles?! - St. Elmos Fire

Life is a miracle!  Every day I am happy to live with truth and friendship

Remember that I came so quickly and that I was here 2 years before the millenium, 3 years before the 911 call the Septemeber 11, 2001 minor incident (too much publicity)  I was Adam, Moses, Buddha and Jesus, I seeded the world with the Chinese and Indian Race, With the White and Red Man and the Black man.  I am a God, A Man, A Bipolar, I will set the world on a tilt of 23 degrees, I forbid mammals from exisiting in Austrailia (Oz Which I am the Wizard of)  I create the Mythology, I created the largest church of unification in the world.  The unification of all Religions, Political and Military Interests, and Sexes and Races.  I will become both rich and powerful and rule with an Iron Fist!

I will start with a Dedication:

First and Foremost to my Gods: Vishnu, Ares, Zeus, Ganesh, Jehocah Buddha (Never a God!), Jesus (Was he a man?!), God and Allah Together you guide me!  To the Prophets: Adam, Abrahim, Moses, Jesus,, Mohammed who were my previous births

To Sri Lanka for my Heritage, To England for giving me the Right to Contest the Crown for Creating the Commonwealth, God Save the King and Rule Britannia, Never shall an Englishman be a Slave, For Canada my Home and Native Land Where I have created my Jerusalem in Edmonton (The most Environmentally friendly city in North America), Alberta (The Richest Jusrisdiction in North America and Income Support for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)) .

 To my Parents Sandya and Mahinda...Who taught me Sinhala a language more ancient than French or English.

To my Teachers: My Kindergarten and Grade 1 Forgotten From Inglewood Elementary To Bishop Savaryn Elementary: Mrs. Davies (Grade 2), Mrs. Post, And my Grade 4 teacher (I forgot his name).  Who gave me love and taught me all I needed to know.  To ask questions until I found all the answers.  To Mr. Foster my favorite Teacher...Who taught me that I was lazy...Grade 5, To Mr. Luard, Grade 6, I stole money from you and I'm sorry.

Junior HighCollapse )
To OSA!Collapse )My Teachers, Mr. Ho Grade 12 Math (Sorry for not paying attention), Mr. Pascoe Grade 11 Math (Ditto), Mr Thomkins Grade 10 Math, Mr Linville, Norwood and Kane (English I learnt To Be here, To learn the Consciience of the King, And to dream until I shuffle off this mortal coil

To my Social teachers Mr. Pawluk and Bain...Teaching me to be a communist but hating Dictators and Tyrants Down With Russia and China!

To My Science Teachers: From Chemistry to Physics to Biology...You gave me all I need to solve all of life's mysteries, like why people cry and evolution and creationism together are possible, that time travel is possible only if the thoughts can travel faster than the speed of light!  So when the acetocholinase in my synapses increases because of longer days in the year I know that my past is colliding with my future.

My Thoughts go faster than the speed of sound, Back to where it all began, tell me all your thoughts on God because I'm on my way to see HER!  I'm not very far NOW!

To the women in my Life: Ann Jaimi Alexander  My Annj (The First and Last)  No matter where you travel, England, Canada, Australia, Korea you will be in my heart forever and ever Amen!
Collapse )Sheila (Sri Lankan) Michelle Chong, Ann Than Trong, Natasha Sabur, Andrea Thompson, Christna Deschanau, Amy Sutley, Masha (Russia-French), Julz, Amber, Jillian Randell, Melissa Gagnon, Sreyasa (Nepal), Chloe(Hong Kong), Arianna (Mexico), Diana (Mexico) Jacquerenda(Mexico), Verena (Verite Austria), Aanjanee (Aaanjel in Sri Lanka) Farah and Nilem Hassanali(vancouver), Sneha MY ANGEL (NZ), Sandunie MY Buddha (Canada)  Sheila (Canada) and now Carolyn Morgan (New Found Land)

They have loved me I have loved them, Some I seduced, Some I wished I did, I hope they all consider me still...A friend

I have begun my journey.  Ten years since I was thorwn into madness, I split into half man in March 1998...No I become a Man.  I hope that the half child remains but as Barack Hussein Obama has told me...I must thrust away such childish ways of my past and work with haste to use both fear and love to gain prosperity and power.  The reign of W is Over...Since MM he has destroyed this world.  Now O is here X is here.  O is Obama...I am the X factor.  The One born on the Tenth day of the First Month of 80th year of the 20th century. From 0 to 10 in an instant.  Like C, I am the E and E=mc squared.  I am like a nuclear explosion and an avalanche.  My movement will grow.  When I visit the Liberal Convention of Canada and meet Leslie Church and Michael Ignatief and Ryan Singh...My movement will grow.  When I visit Vancouver in 2010 with Chris Field and the Hassanali Sisters Farah and Nilem.  When I visit my Cousin in New Zealand Next Year, My movement will grow, When Obama finishes his 8 years as President in 2016 and Chicago hosts the Olympics I will be there.  I have invested in Canada and Canada has made me rich.  It wll support my severe dissability till the Day I die.  Thank you Dr. Jan Banasch the ultimate chronicler.

My Goal is to Make the Church Stronger and LaZcorp more profitable and then Take over the Commonwealth (I will be the New King of the World) in order to Increase it's military and peacekeeping possibilities so that it can compete with the threats of China, India, Russia, The Middle East, and have the United States as our greatest Ally.  It is Manifest Destiny my dear ones, my dear children, How I do enjoy when you grow up.  I bless you in the Name of the Father the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen (Let it Be!)
Remember St. Elmos Fire is a type of Lightning!

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