August 2nd, 2005

A Busy Day With the UVIC Crew

But First I thought I'd drop a A poetic Bomb

Inferno - Ice Dragon Productions

Sometimes it's easy to beat the heat
When your heart is made of ice
Sometimes when your every  breath is fire
Heaven above simply doesn't entice
For some falling further is not so dire
When your heart is made of Ice
You feel so small when you fall
And vengeance seems like an easy price
Because in the Inferno, you drag in all

Today was the end of the weekend, a sad time indeed but a wonderful time.

I went to Heritage with Chanchal and like brown people we ate Rice...LOL


On Sunday we had Arif's Bithday outing...Drunk people are amazing...They

were about to walk out of the Thirsty Turtle with him in the bathroom...That's

why I only get drunk at people's houses and live there for months


Monday was a soccer practice that turned into a day excursion...Lisa and Simran

and Me and Graeme from the Islanders joind their UVIC friends for tons of soccer


Collapse )

Annj...I miss you...

My Girl - Chilliwack

Ever since she left me
I sure feel all alone
A little misunderstanding
I can't get her on the telephone
Hanging out down on Main Street
Living in a different world
Standing around with the gang on the corner
Talking about my girl

My girl - She was the world to me
She's gone - Away across the street
My girl - Is just a memory
She's been so long away

She didn't have to leave me
She didn't have to run
She didn't have to go without a word to anyone
I hope she's doing alright
I got no way to know
Unless she gets to hear this song
Hear it on the radio

My girl - She was the world to me
She's gone - And that's a tragedy
My girl - Is just a memory
She's been so long away

I hope she gets the message
Got to get her back, you know
Gonna track her down, I'll find that girl
Gonna tell her that I love her so
Put the word on the grapevine
Spread it all around the world
Sooner or later I know I'm gonna get her
I'm talking about my girl
My girl


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