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Better Self

For Annj moving to BC!  May joy and happiness comes for all!

Better Self

There She has a shining heart and star
The sun that is my centre of the galaxy
A beautiful lotus blossom flower
Bright one that leads me to sun showers

A beautiful scent has the Lotus perfume
Arising a Phoenix, inflame in her heart
Never ending the path of straight path
This is a brilliant start, arithmetic math

Plus and multiplying filled with love
Like pearls in the Sea, is lovely She
Kind and Caring, pure like a dove
Peace of my mind and brave soaring above

All that is strong and keeps my heart as shelter

Sometimes I am weak and life is bleak
But She is a dream, amazing church on an altar
Love, Faith, God in mystique, perfect and unique

SHelter - Bedouin SOundclash

Said it's wrong but you know that
The look on his face means he'll be back again
See you later

Saturday on the night train
With uptown boys who run cocaine downtown
People waiting

But it's a long time
And you're not home
Don't you feel
Like you're alone?

And it's a long time
And you're alone
Don't you know
You can come home?

You don't feel, but you look fine
No doubt's all on the mainline

Laughing on to no one's joke
Looking around but it's remote
You won't see no one that you know
Tags: annj, beauty, lotus

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