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Three Words...

Verena asked me to describe myself in three words...
I think that they are tough words I have chosen...
But it's definately who I want to be...proud to be...
The first is honesty...and with that harsh truth to
my friends and keeping them on the path of virtue...
To avoid at all cost being a act with
no suprises that could hurt a friend...And when that
is done...apologize and mend the broken fences and
broken friendships...Because I believe in loyalty..I
believe in being the first to be recruited in a true
friend's army...To run to the frontlines when he is in
need...Only when we value frienship, make sacrifices...
Holler to those that may harm us...we are not one man...
we are one family...This is not to say we are full of
wrath to those who invade our hearts with ill it
is to say that we will not give up when one of us has fallen..
We will stay with him...stay true...stay honest...that is loyalty
And when we choose our friends...we choose wisely, we don't
choose them by religion or skin colour, we don't choose them
because they are beautiful...we choose them cause they have been
honest with us, have been loyal, they have seen how ugly we can
be, how weak...They have helped us learn to be human but also
to be a better man...They are our family...and that's family
business..We raise our glasses high for those that were there
and now can't be with us...We know that leven though we can't
see your smilin faces each day...that your heart is strong in
ours...So let's let the names be public...Siva Gopal Thaiyalan
well respects because you are a force that can't be stopped, 2010
my friend. To Alex and really should come out earlier...
Especially for your celebrations next month...To Saeed...It's always
nice to add someone new to those that are your kindred...To Nick...
I think you have the final word...1)honesty 2) loyalty 3) When they
put me in the ground may they say that I had integrety...I think you
have it my friend...I think you will be a good doctor...And you Chris
you are a man of integrety as stayed close when I thought
even I was not willing to give myself a chance...It brings tears to
my eyes...Not all that glitters is have given me great riches.
Even now I find it perplexing...But it is a trust I have in you
that has kept me true.

Y'all gon' sit down, have a good time this reunion
And drink some wine like Communion
And act like everything fine and if it isn't
We ain't lettin' everybody in our family business

Rain, rain, rain go away
Let the sun come out and all the children say
Rain, rain, rain go away
Let the sun come out and all the children say

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