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Ironical...I'm in trouble like always....

So I will be on trial for theft in the upcoming days...
But you know I act so third world...Thug life right?
Well I guess it's caught up with me...Stealing a can of pop
and a slice of pizza in my residency is an evictable offense
And you know Lasith...Let's go eat some pizza at 2 am
You know 3 hours before the pizza is being offered to any
Tom, Dick and Joe....But you know is my fault...
I owned up to the crime...I wasn't lying...I admitted it...
Honestly I bought 50 pieces of pots and utensils at the beginning
of this year and I don't even have a spoon anymore...It's not that
I condone theft but theft without honesty hurts...I'm hungry...
I wish I could say that a friend would understand that a piece
of pizza.  Chanchal had two of her pots stolen and they were in a
first floor kitchen.  I kinda feel like a victim here...Should I go and
look for my pound of flesh from everyone that has wronged me?
Where is the charity of mankind...So you going to leave so you going
to shoot me in the back while I'm in Calgary?  Fine....
But remember that I thought we were friends...I thought we could share...
Maybe only with the white people?  Ha Ha Fuck this...
My Mind IS Weak...I slowly die...Honestly it is my heart that fails me
before my mind is let loose...I live by ideals that people don't seem to
understand...I'm loud, proud, but I don't hide the truth...I am not dishonest...
Let the guilotine Fall...Cuz Life Goes On...Hopefully I won't fall victim
to these mean I-House Streets.

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