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6 Asylums in 3 Countries from Canada to Sri Lanka to USA and Canada back

Hope - Twista amd Faith Evans

I have had miraculous delusions with pure joy and times when the darkness inside my demons have made me scars of blood and poisons inside my blood. But I am still Alive! My journey will be written at Because if I never leave this mortal coil like many biploar patients may I have been trying to fight temptation and live in the sun with God and with a heart and mind that has been clear conscience.

"We Don't Care" [Kanye West:]

And all my people thats drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high

We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive

Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don't care what people say

Imagine Dragons - Demons

I put that gun to my head and then I put it down

I threw it in the river, let the bullets drown

I'm known as this funny I'll go and rapper guy

But really, you don't know what goes on when you're not around

And then I thought about it, a selfish sacrifice

The afterlife, if heaven's real then would I go there?

And then I thought about the shit me and my friends did

If I do make it, there'll be nobody I know there

And I'm fighting off these tears, but I'm failing

Every time I feel like I'm better, I fucking relapse

I'm spitting image of my dad, I used to think that was a bad thing

But now I'm not even ashamed to be that

A good man who made mistakes just like the rest of us

Life is short, look at the time that he invest in us

We've had our differences, people change with the seasons

We fighting off all our demons and let you pick up what's left of us

Almost all of my adult life I have been diagnosed as manic depressive.  My insanity is a curse and a gift, as many things in life there are bittersweet paradoxes. I started in jail when I was 18, I was crazy and they put me into handcuffs and I was awake for 2 days before the police came to my house.  I had a wrath and arrogance in my youth and I got into trouble making death threats.  The demons have always been inside of me since my early as a kid I was a pretender, a liar, a thief and hurt the emotions of others.  It was inside torture for years made me remember when I was in Grade 2 I remember wishing to die.  But my brother and my Mom have been the angels that have been able to cope when I see my life in retrospect. On May 08 will be Mother's Day I will tell her she loves me but it is actions that have made me into a better man.  Mothers have such intense love and sacrifice is infinate from birth till forever even with physical and mental pain. It is a great day but a child till forever must thank our Mothers every day.

Kiri kodu hithata - Bathiya & Santhush with Nirosha Virajini (Young Minds in Love with Singhala and Tamil)

Kiri kodu hithata aala numbe dasa yavuna
Mage kola kamata lola hanguma numbata pevuna
Sabande suvande kuludul adare
Uthura yana me ama mee jeevithe
Kiri kodu hithata aala numbe daasa yavuna
Mage kola kamata lola hanguma numbata pevuna

Supem nuvan vimasavi rae diva
Oba ru andun dasunen durai kiya
Oya pem thepul  madahasa pa niya
Laya gim nivu sihilara vahuna
Mathu ma pathu kisivak nowe
Sanaseema ve adare

(Mathu ma pathu kisivak nowe sanaseema ve aadare)

Sithum pathum ituwevi wasana
Andurin midi sanda evi payala
Oba me pidu sewanema andila
Mage jeevithe navathivi pa sina
Methuvak labu kisivak nove
Sanaseema we aadare
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