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  • Wed, 00:25: RT @CityNewsYEG: Anti-racism rally cancelled in Red Deer after hate groups disrupt event.
  • Wed, 01:58: RT @karliwithakay: Premier @jkenney & @KayceeMaduYEG are actually upholding racism by labelling white supremacists' violence as "disagreeme…
  • Wed, 01:59: RT @karliwithakay: This. People who claim there should be "balance" when it comes to combating racial injustice are actually extending more…
  • Wed, 01:59: RT @karliwithakay: In minimizing the situation, AB government never adequately addresses these impacts. They treat cases as transient indep…
  • Wed, 01:59: RT @karliwithakay: So UCP govt fervently promotes the idea of "parent choice" to mask their expansion of education privatization; but when…
  • Wed, 01:59: RT @karliwithakay: Alberta, we are losing two amazing physicians, committed teachers, passionate advocates, and just all around wonderful h…
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