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  • Sun, 01:19: WATCH: CNN Plays Recording of Trump Telling Donors He Killed Soleimani Because He 'Said Bad Things' via @mediaite
  • Sun, 01:24: RT @SethAbramson: RETWEET: The Democrats can get Lev Parnas to testify before Congress on national TV right now: all they have to do is beg…
  • Sun, 01:39: RT @AshaRangappa_: I haven’t been mansplained at quite this level since law school...and that involved me asking a 3L what he was doing aft…
  • Sun, 01:41: RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Every day of the trial, I'm going write a twitter thread and Facebook post giving my read on the day's events (and some…
  • Sun, 01:45: RT @AOC: This is what silver spoon kids that are never held accountable for anything sound like. AKA very strong “Mom, yell at my teacher…
  • Sun, 01:49: RT @macleans: Breaking from Paul Wells: Harper quit the Conservative Fund's board. As the Tory leadership race kicks off, the party's organ…
  • Sun, 01:54: RT @PnPCBC: .@MurphTWN gets hit by a gust of wind in St.John’s, as a raging blizzard brings eastern Newfoundland to a standstill (He's OK).…
  • Sun, 02:05: RT @funder: BREAKING: Remove Trump protesters are starting to fill Union Station in DC
  • Sun, 02:07: RT @KaoHua3: What do we want? Climate Action! African kids are asking the world climate Action. #Everylivesmatters #AfricanLivesMatter
  • Sun, 02:27: RT @Remove_TrumpNow: We’re starting to fill Union Station in DC after the Women’s March, demanding the removal of what’s-his-name. #Remov
Tags: #africanlivesmatter, #everylivesmatters, #remov, twitter

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