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Oh how Small Tragedies Swell into a Tidal wave of Tragedies!

As most of you know 25,000 of our close brothers
and sisters have died from my homeland...
I think that number will double...But how can I not call
everyone my brother or sister who inhabit this world...
There will be 2 or 3 hundred thousand dead from the quakes
of what was so generous a sea to us...But we will heal our
hearts and grow anew our friendship with the water...But
what of these material possesions...the houses...
the businesses...The Schools...The Churches...The Crops...
The wells...Oh how we once again are on our knees...But
we will be strong again...because hope burns bright in our
hearts...Do not get angry...Do not blame people...
seek with an open mind and a kind heart a reason to
sacrifice....Like if your mother was in need....give...
Siva Gopal has left our city and it makes what was
already a hole in my heart even deeper with pain...
But he has left me with something very valuable...
a model...of what is possible...To lead...To be passionate...
To be kind...To jump into the fire with no protection
but the heart in your soul...oh how so many would die
for you in the sea if they saw you struggle...
But he would swim back to land with ease...and so that
is such a miricle in himself....And so I pray that
Dineskanthini Danisles and Dinusha Karunarthna...
My closest friends from Lanka other than my relatives.
Oh how I'm desperate for word about both of you.
Dineskanthini was living in Pottuvil and the destruction
that I have read there gives me such sorrow. But my
prayers and hope will burn bright so that God will provide
us with strength in this life and the next. So many so
young have gone...We will not stay silent...We will not
give up...We will overcome...until there is no doubt that
we are united in Love.

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