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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday in Sri Lanka on April 21, 2019

This will be an awful and horrendous day filled with deaths and injuries for the people of a country and its people trying its escape from civil war and end of terrorism.  We tried to end this situation after their attempt to start a new path of Sri Lanka but those who think that hate is a way to succeed but we must show vigilance with unity for our brothers and sisters in love and kindness.  It is not race but humanity, no politics but freedom, and no religion but love.

We will never stop a good fight in a war of ending evil.  The war will be with God and in Peace on Earth will be their with everyone’s world.  We must end our selfish desires and understand that we are all brother’s keepers and our sisters are all needed to love each other forever.  Our minds and hearts are in control with all must bring a new world on peace. As a Buddhist I believe in Truth and the truth I do know is that the ways of the old ways must change and we need an urgency or we will all be doomed.  It is not a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Spiritualist, Atheist or Agnostic idea but humans and that are important to evolution. We must always change for the better. If we show love for our friends and family keep a circle of kindness to protect us we shall go a middle path of extremists and a noble path    We must have high hopes always because even through the Pandora Box we will be also outside of that Box is hope.

It is possible on Earth Day 2019 and Easter Monday that will be known as A day of rebuilding and never forgetting that this day will be where we will save our lives.  Of course we will never forgetting these pitfalls but for all the world and we will not step back on the climb but pushing to a better person in our hearts and minds. It is seeing that the mirror we look and we must see the truth that we are in pain and the only way to get rid of these sorrows is Love and Kindness.  Forgiveness and Gratitude are the most things to cherish that our life is precious.

Tags: faith, humanity, love

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