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My Birthday Party Speech!


Indeed I truly believe that my own motto is this:

Treasures of wealth make you rich

Treasures of the mind make you richer

Treasures of the Heart are most precious

2018 has been filled with pitfalls that I have traversed and have had many strangers, friends, and family who have helped bridges this traverse together with me in hope.  I was in a wheelchair and were causing me such stress during the summer. I feel like my Caripul is working and my health is improving with the aides to help me walk and do stairs and breath more and my heart that make steps to a better life.

It is the medicine Caripul which is has been an experimental drug that has helped me when other medicines have failed.  But no medicine saves your life with a drug but my Nurses at University of Alberta Hospital and Doctors in my Lung Clinic team which have been at Unit 5E3.

The University of Alberta Hospital has been a great asset to this Province and Country including with the support staff to the Occupational Therapists to the Physical Therapists who have kept me healthy when I was just doing steps and walking short distances.  Every step has been a journey and I still have many steps left till my recuperation and I am sure that with kindness, caring and love I can defeat any obstacle.

I have been born British in Birmingham, United Kingdom but when I was young I came back to Sri Lanka where my parents are from and I was raised with my family which I still keep close especially my Aunts who live in Sri Lanka.  I have learnt the perspectives of what can be seen with the poverty and sadness and also the benefit of education, caring, and respect. These are the pillars I believe that any society will prosper Faith, Education, and Health.

As The Buddha said:

Should a person do good, let him do it again and again.  Let him find pleasure therein, for blissful is the accumulation of good.

It has been there since I was born to be lucky to being a Theravada Buddhist which I was given the right to be a human and not a smaller sentient being like a bug or even a lion.  We are not having the choices that can change our lives.

All Colours and Creeds are welcome in Canada!  This is a great country where I have had kindness from strangers who have become friends not based on religion, race, or creed but liberal values in this multicultural great country that makes Me believe Canada to be the best Country in the World.

The pillar of Education grew from a young age with me from elementary in Inglewood School to Bishop Savaryn Catholic, and Lorelei Elementary in Castledowns and then into Mary Butterworth where I was given an interesting opportunity to have a Class with Linda Irvine which shared Grades 7,8, snd 9 all together with all the different subjects

When I came to Old Scona Academic I was given an opportunity to excel even more than I could believe beyond my own mind.  Wisdom has given only with time and experience but one thing I remember is that by having good friends are more valuable than Gems.  The friends at Old Scona Academic have been friends who have been loyal when many of my friends have been there as brothers Christopher Field and Kevin Mah but most important have been my biological brother Dinesh Witharana.  Kevin who has played board games in grade 10 and 11 during summers and bonded with so many things like our love of Games such as Monopoly and other games in his basement but I have always enjoyed playing with him in the Game of Life.

Christopher is a man who shared sports, jokes and truth.  Often finding a friend that believes so many beliefs and values that I have which have shared honesty is often the most valuable gift.

I also can not understand how lucky to have a wonderful brother like Dinesh who has such a kind and clear man that is like a diamond and was there for so many moments of despair, sadness, happiness, joy and bliss.  I am so proud of him becoming a doctor and I am so proud to be such a good man that is there when I have stupid questions and silly ones too.

I truly believe that I have given an amazing family especially my uncles Sumana, Anura and Wimal Bappis and my numerous cousins who have always been filled with love as well even when I was stupid and silly too. But I must thank most my Mother Sandya Dissanayake and Mahinda Witharana who have been there before I was been there even before I knew it and indeed I have been a troublesome child but they have loved so well that I am standing strong in Mind and Heart.

I remember the beginnings of 2019.  I was with my OSA friends and many new friends at Rogers Place on New Years Eve!  The Place was filled with joy and children. Good Old friends and New friends! I understand how important to everyone who has kept me alive and shown me so much love that has kept me alive with warm hearts that has been like a beacon that has been there when I was there like a fire on a top of a mountain or a lighthouse in troubled sea.

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