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Thanx Anj! A great read so far!

Literature you love and simply a reason is often all it takes
to sway a kind heart...An open mind is nice and with an open heart
do we truly experience the joy of life...And just the first chapter
of this Book by kahlil gibran is like an anology for life...
May you when you leave this island of life on a boat to a new
land..May them that are left have not only tears...God forbid they
celebrate your death...but may the island rejoice your short time
with them...For you followed a noble path...with an open mind,
an open heart, were not afraid to lead but were more corageous
to teach all how to when you are a dying
sunflower...the seeds of hope, of happiness, of integrity are sowed
so that once again the sunflowers will blanket the world.  So many
will travel with you to that new will see those smiling faces
that you made smile again....Although you were the first to discover
the new are not the last...because you gave them the map
to reach the new frontier...Each step you took, each move you made...
each word you spoke, each heart you opened...And in this death...
unsure of the dreams that may come you will be...but you have no need
to fear...For the hand of God has guided you...You like God have
been a teacher...the first but not the sacrifice the good of the
one for the good of all...And they will not know your greatness...
they will suspect...They will spread rumours...And inside your heart is
joy...happiness...because you know you are not the first at all...
That God is already in the new frontier...he will open his arms like you
opened your heart to so many...And were always my child...
but you are have learnt the lessons so quickly!  And before
you left the other island to come to be with taught
taught them not of me...but about themselves...It is not a prophet that is
needed...only a good teacher...

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