Lasith (lasith) wrote,

The Day Of Sun

The Day of Sun

In the darkness, we often see the night
But each night the dreams and nightmares
But it is the light that is right in the sight
And the dawn breaks bright and alright

The blessing that brings in the fear
Is the flight and end of the plight
The Day of Sun is given to God
Praying each night that the prayers hear

God has given that night for the Sun
The moon lights the darkness to keep the faith
God has given the sight to the moon and stars
And Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Mars

The planets are close to seeing by the eye
God's love is great among every living thing
The Sun that saves all that brings
We fly like birds in the flight of wings

The Days of Saturn, Sun, and Moon
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
From the days of rest and the first day of work
Each day of God's son comes soon

Tags: god, icu, lazarex, religion

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