Lasith (lasith) wrote,

Angels in Reality

Angels live on Earth

When my heart is weak and hurting
The love I can fight the struggle of those who love me
It is these that angels that are hearts filled in bursting
Truly honorable are the greatest love is by I have seen

Sacrificing another is the greatest gift
It will be the blessed like in heaven
And small things can improve your spirits high and lift
These humans who seen that virtues seven

When Pope Gregory defined the seven deadly sins that we should avoid, he also included a counter-balancing set of values that we should espouse and adopt. These are:

  1. Faith is the belief in the right things (including the virtues!).

  2. Hope is taking a positive future view, that good will prevail.

  3. Charity is the concern for, and the active helping of, others.

  4. Fortitude is never giving up.

  5. Justice is being fair and equitable with others.

  6. Prudence is care of and moderation with money.

  7. Temperance is moderation of needed things and abstinence from things which are not needed.

Indeed it is true many sins that are so deadly known and written to talk of but these virtues are the need in our world and the world after.

Tags: god, heaven, religion

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