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Lions and Tigers : Love in The Garden of Eden

Lord of Lords, When the Book of Life was first written, was I Adam and she Eve?  Because oh Lord we spent one week in the Garden of Eden together and our love was eternally sealed.  Was I created for her? Or was she for me? All I know is it was meant to be, our destiny.

Chapter One - A Lion is Born

When the book of my life was first written, the first words were laid down in the industrial city of Birmingham, Great Britain.  The son of a strict father with a brilliant mind and a gentle mother with a great heart.  They met while in university in the Buddhist capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy; Mahinda studying Mineral Engineering and Sandya earning her teaching degree.  Their love affair was one of youthful romance and wasn't approved by my mother's family because of the large size of my father's family and his responsibility as oldest son.  But they frolicked together going to the zoo, movies and school events together.  Eventually their love out voiced their parent's wishes and rushed a wedding before my father left on a scholarship to Great Britain.

Sri Lanka is the jewel of South Asia, an island nation comprised mainly of two ancient cultures, the Singhalese and Tamil populations. The Singhalese myth says that they were children of a Lioness, and so with pride the Singhalese have made the flag of Sri Lanka a Lion carrying a sword.  The Tamils who were in the minority had fought Singhala armies for as long as history is recorded.  Tamil Kings have ruled and been pushed back to India.  The name of Tiger is a recent adoption of the Tamil community but the Lions and Tigers and Loved and hated since the beginning of recorded history of Lanka.  On this island is a peak named Adams's peak, where the biblical Adam was said to have placed his footstep.  Many would find it hard to argue that the Garden of Eden could be Sri Lanka

So I grew up a Singhala boy in the island nation that was once named Serndip after Serendipity.  Serendipity would one day help me find a Tigress whose beauty and charm has touched my heart.  Part of my heart still lives in Sri Lanka, where I have family and where I was like a little monkey playing in trees and eating the delicious fruits that those trees contained in my early childhood.  My father returned from England with a Masters degree and a job in the graphite mines of Bogala in Sri Lanka.  But from my birth a dark cloud had entered my mother's life.  She inherited a post-partem depression and a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder.  Madness entered her body after my birth as she screamed because of her tormented mind.  So I was raised in my early days not by my mother but by my father.

My father was a brilliant man who was raised by a strong woman.  My grandmother would have no problem using violence to discipline my father and his 5 brothers and two sisters. So I was raised by my mother, my kind young aunt and a heavy handed father.  I know that his hand caused me many tears in my younger years.  My memory however is cloudy but I know that as I was growing to two years old my family of three would be sent to a new land of wonder that was a stark contrast to Sri Lanka.  This land was the land of the true north strong and free...Canada

Chapter 2: A Tiger is born

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