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Education - The only true path to peace and prosperity.

Education - The only true path to peace and prosperity.

The question of reconciliation in Sri Lanka begs answering from the common lay man to the well read scholar.  I assert that only through education of all people of the land can an everlasting peace be attained.  It is not enough for the minorities to be reintegrated into a society that still is full of racism and inequality.  But we must all realize that these bonds of hatred were seeded long ago and are still being passed on to our children.Yes, the end of terrorism in our country is a great thing but if the seeds of terrorism lay in the ground we can never find true happiness. The seeds of hatred are like land mines that we must all pass through in order to reach a safer and brighter tomorrow. That is why I say that it should be that as early as primary school, all students of Sri Lanka be taught in all three languages of English, Tamil and Singhala in order to increase empathy, awareness and a sense of brotherhood.

 In order to fully show the government's understanding of these principles I propose the building of new schools with technology so that these "Equality Education Centres" will be of the highest quality in the land.  For too long has education been used to squander the hopes of the unsuccessful rather than embolden the courage of our youth to accomplish great things. By building more educational institutions including post secondary establishments, will we build a more prosperous nation that will create jobs and businesses that will pay well and help us transform this nation from one of poverty to one of prosperity.  Building schools that teach technology and having students fluent in all three languages of Sri Lanka is not only a possibility, it should be a simple goal.  At least it should be that english be taught at a more proficient level so that communication between Tamils and Singhala people will be easier.  We must be open minded on the noble path to peace, it is a path full of temptation, but temptation leads to despair.

I look forward to the honorable minister Basil Rajapaksa to make it a priority that more post secondary spots are also made available possibly by the building of Universities in the north and east.  It is noted that Sri Lankans are some of the most intelligent people in the world, so let no child be without an education that is based on human values.  In all of our hearts and minds we know as Lankans that the best path out of poverty and despair is education.  So why must we clench on to the opportunities of education for those in greatest power and abandon the most needy?  Education is like a rain that will quench the thirst of this nation and instead of planting seeds of hatred will let flowers of peace and harmony bloom.   Only when we realize that universal education is the path, shall we begin this journey of building a better Lanka for our children and ourselves.
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