Lasith (lasith) wrote,


The light irradiates and permeates the room, the energy beams deep into my being. This is the light I followed from the edge of the darkness and destruction to this new place. I am bewildered and at first my mind is a clean slate. But with time the memories of a life lived slip back into my brain. The destruction and darkness was the end of one life, the light is the beginning of another, or actually am epilogue. This is the place where after death like a light bulb the truth is revealed. The platform that is the pathway to other realms. This is Revelation where all is explained but what actually happens is the eradication of ignorance. Like a sheet it has always been draped over the light leaving us in shadows but the drapes have been placed on us so that we can fulfill our life's task. Our tasks put us in each other's paths to build the future, to build our tomorrow, to build God. For God is built from nothing and grown into us and we ourselves build a higher consciousness who can reach into the higher dimensions of our existence.

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