Lasith (lasith) wrote,

From Chaos to a State of Unity

I have always believed in Unity, a word that means to me a union where many become one. As President Barack Obama delivers what could be his last State of the Union I write in the hopes that the people of the United States do what they traitorously failed to do in 2008; unify themselves in support of the President. The hatred of their apartheid past has caused them ignore what it is their duty to do. To stand in unity with their executive for the betterment of their nation has always been the greatest character of the American people. Instead a Republican House of Representatives and groups of powerful right wing groups have tried to manipulate the truth in order to cause gridlock and discord not only in Congress but in the entire United States of America.

The congress has paid a great price for this maliciousness, their approval rating has sunk to the point where only 1 in 5 Americans still approve of them. No doubt they feel that petty squabbling and pandering to lobby groups and extremists has fractured the governance of a once great nation. The rebuilding of an America that has been decimated by corporate greed has begun. This is the hope that was envisioned in 2008, 30 years of reckless financial disregard can not be fixed in a mere 3 years.

Today we must draw the land in the sand; to fight the fight for the future of the free world. To end the days of divisiveness, and stand together with a unified faith in the power of a good man. This is a man of powerful intellect and a strong moral fiber and he will change the course of our world's future. The world has seen great men before who have had their great mission cut short by extremism from Jesus to Martin Luther King. The world would be a more harmonious if these great men were allowed to spread their intelligence and compassion. Because in a state of unity; the whole world prospers. #Obama2012 #SOTU2012
Tags: 2012, obama

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