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The meandering hill side roads are emblatic of the tea country of central Sri Lanka.  Here among the greenish plantations lies a cooling breath of fresh air from the humid heat of the lowlands.  Finding a beautiful oasis of fresh springs flowing into refreshing waterfalls is an easy task.  But my residence with my family in the small town of Deniyaya was one that would open the door on my trip to the motherland.  For after the interactions with long lost loves often do we feel our heart swell to it's greatest size.  

From family springs the rejuvination of forgotten songs of yester year and new songs of hopes for our mutual future.  I travelled with my niece and my cousin to the top of a nearby hill which housed the temple my father used to visit everyday as a child.  Sitting in front of the people of my father's past made my feeling of ownership of this place grow.  As my niece pulled the rope to ring the bell of the monastery I could imagine myself doing the same in my childhood on visits here. Those visits brief memories of fun cricket matches and making treks to nearby places of interest.  This is how the circle of life is both continued and completed, when past meets a future bursting with the aspirations of combined hope.

I saw an aspect of my greatest hope for Sri Lanka in the nearby town of Viharahena where many Tamils had found a home among the Singhalese majority.  Indeed we live in a time of opportunity as a nation but only if we all make opportunity for all a foremost goal.  Years of war ravage the hearts and minds of many but to heal these wounds takes the effort of all with a determination to put good thoughts into good action.  We must realize that good actions are the only statues that the next generation can gaze at in awe.  For peace is truly an awe inspiring thing that is the building block of any great home, country or society.  If we can spread the simple values of giving to former strangers or enemies can we say with pride that we are justified in calling them friends.  

The fire of hatred still burns bright and many acts of weak minded people have scarred our nation.  But a new day of mutual respect may have dawned on our great nation.  It is not something to be squandered but cherished, even worshipped as our new gleaming future, our childrens new birthright.  No matter if you be Hindu, Burgher, Buddhist or Muslim, Tamil or Any other faction of the Rainbow of Lanka you must accept that our responsibility is to our youth.  We can not be forgiven for not making sacrifices now, for failure in the future shall be fueled  by simple men making simple choices.  For those that truly have an honourable heart and good intention for Sri Lanka, please always place all in your heart as one would place your family. And as my niece rings the bell, may we arise in the morning with a feeling of love and kindness, like a fresh waterfall cleanses the dirt of dischord and replaces it with showers of joy.
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