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My I-House Tirade

We are actually one group that is applying twice for grants. 
The group encompases all the people of our Residence I-House. 
This residence was created this year and we as students have
noticed a fatal flaw.  The purpose of this residence was to increase
awareness of international issues while making international students
aware of Canadian Culture.  However the fatal flaw is a lack of interaction.  

The budget constraints of students and the strict "judgements"
of the "higher" ups makes it a common phenomen for an exchange
student to stay in his room for the entire semester.  There are actually
students who we never see.  They avoid interraction because of shyness
and sadly there are virtually no activities where the majority of the
residency have been involved.  What started as a good experiment with
great hope in my opinion has ended up a great failure.  We want to talk. 
So why not apply for a grant and start talking about our problems? 
Why are we not doing extra-curricular activities as a group?  I think that
is the main question that must me answered.  

Money is not the issue.  But sadly maybe it is.  I am however
optimistic.  And I am saying that we can suceed.  The reason I am
doing this is so we can bypass the "higher ups" and their politics and
go to the "higher higher ups".  I was so excited and so hopeful to move
to this Residence and I do think this is the best residence on campus. 
However we are not accomplishing our mission and our goals.  So we
need to look at how we can improve...Having seminars with very expensive
and famous people and having 5 people show up may be a success but
what is lost is this...The fun

Learning should be fun...and it's fun to go to things with friends...
I'm hoping we can all be friends and not just people on floors
who happen to go to the same school.  We aren't being inclusive. 
The problem is communication.  I don't mean to be harsh but I
think we need to get emotional about what we care about.

Proposal:  To do something

Why: Because this boat is sinking


Lasith Witharana

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